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I always find it interesting to watch politicians who attack their opponents and then, when they drop out of the race because of lack of support, back the person who they have been trashing. It is easy to attack others and make promises when you are hoping that others will vote for you! But the process doesn't always seem to be honorable.

It is easy to listen to a charming individual who seems to have a good line but keep in mind the old expression that states: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is “.

To trust means that you have confidence that someone or something is reliable and honest. You can trust the sun to rise each day. But how do you know who you can trust?

There are several markers that will help you to decide if you should trust someone:

  1. They have a good track record – Is the person consistent over time? Do they have a pattern that you can describe and expect for the future? Do their words match their behaviors? If you have any “nigglies” inside that cause you any concern, listen to them!
  2. Their involvement with you is mutually beneficial – Some people are givers and others are takers. Is this person someone who is interested in helping you to have your needs met or are they selfishly focused on getting just what they want?
  3. They haven't harmed you in the past – When someone hurts you, they will need to give you more than apologizes to regain your trust. You will need to watch them over time to determine whether they truly have changed and will not harm you again.

And just as you want to be around people who you can trust, it is the same for others.

What would people say about you? Do you have a good track record that includes making healthy choices and matching your words with your behaviors?

Can you be trusted to participate in relationships where everyone is respected, and needs are met?

Are you safe to be around? If you have hurt the other person do you apologize and immediately change your behaviors so that you can be trusted from that day on?

Do you tell others and yourself the truth?

This week get honest with yourself. Think about the people in your life. Are they trustworthy? Also take a close look at your life to determine if there are things that you might need to change and commit to improvement beginning today.