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Are there special instructions for using XFT?

You should double-dose your first 2-3 tanks and then use one dose per fill-up after that. For generators, we recommend 3-5 double doses. Follow the dosage guidelines on your XFT package.

How can I reduce my emissions with XFT?

The organometallic compound utilized in XFT is referred to as a sandwich compound, which is generally classified as a burn rate modifier for all types of fuels. The active ingredient compound reduces combustion ignition delay and helps to remove existing carbon formulation on internal combustion components, resulting in improved engine life, improved fuel economy and reduction of emissions.

What is the treatment ratio for XFT?

Between 1:5,000 to 1:10,000 (1 part XFT to 5,000 or 10,000 parts fuel), depending on the type of fuel used. Heavy fuels will have a lower treat ratio compared to No. 2 diesel, ethanol, or 83-89 octane fuels.

Does XFT affect warranties?

XFT does not change the specs of fuel (see ASTM D975). If XFT does not change fuel specs, it cannot affect the warranties. Syntek also maintains insurance for any claims that may happen by using the additive. In over 25 years of use there has never been a claim against Syntek’s insurance.

Does XFT help with lubrication?

XFT does help with lubrication. In newer, lower sulfur fuels there is a lack of lubricity agent. This means injectors are not getting enough lubrication. XFT has a high level of lubricity, thus helping the engine to run longer and more efficiently, therefore lowering maintenance issues.

How can I be assured that the use of XFT will not cause my engine to malfunction?

XFT was specifically tested to ensure complete compliance with the applicable standards associations’ performance criteria. This includes the American Society of Technology and Materials (ASTM). Furthermore, the product has been evaluated by, and is registered with, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What impact will the use of XFT have on maintenance costs and engine life expectancy?

XFT was formulated to reduce solids, water, rust, and corrosion. With its detergents and lubricity agents it will help clean and protect fuel tanks, fuel lines, pumps, filters, and injectors. XFT also benefits engine valves, pistons, rings, and cylinders eliminating carbon build-up, and significantly increasing engine life.

What if people don’t see any improvement in fuel economy right away?

There are many factors that contribute to automobile fuel economy. Some people may need to use XFT over a longer period of time depending on engine type, age of vehicle, maintenance, etc. Increases in fuel economy is just one of the benefits of XFT. Numerous tests prove that it is working, so you may see the benefits in other ways, like reduced emissions or improved performance. XFT is a scientific based product that works every time.