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Now re-introduced to the market at the new low price of just $14.95 per (16) ounce bottle!

That is only 94 cents per application, 16 applications per bottle. 

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Extreme Xtra Gasoline Fuel Treatments: GS1 Sku #857774002002, US EPA Registration Number 2149-20002

Extreme Xtra Diesel Fuel Treatments: GS1 Sku #857774002019, US EPA Registration Number 2149-20001

About Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments: 

  • available in 16 ounce ready to use applicator sealable bottle
  • 12 bottles per case
  • Ready for delivery
  • Product is in stock

Priced right for the market, allowing you to get the Most Xtra for the $$$

  • $14.95 MSRP per bottle    
  • $89.70 per 1/2 case (6) bottles   Only $84.00 when you buy 1/2 case (Save $0.95 per bottle when you buy six) 
  • $179.40 per case (12) bottles     BEST DEAL: $156 when you buy case (Save $1.95 per bottle when you buy 12)

This is a pre-market launch program discount. Offer expires on August 8, 2017

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Retailers, Dealers, Wholesale Distributors, Co-op Warehouses are welcome

Extreme Xtra is Designed to improve fuel for a more complete burn.

Extreme Xtra Gasoline Fuel Treatment is a unique formula of agents that helps break down the covalent bonds of gasoline allowing for better combustion efficiency of fuel. When fuel is burned in a more efficient and complete manner, less parts of the unburned fuel makes its way out the tailpipe.  (the science of combustion efficiency).  Some of our clients have found that Extreme Xtra also helps clean up engine deposits, is an economical way to restore or get better gas mileage, lower emissions, and has lowered their vehicle maintenance.  Extreme Xtra comes pre-packaged in a 16 ounce applicator bottle.  1 oz. of Extreme Xtra treats up to 25 gallons of fuel.   Its compatible with gas engine powered cars, trucks, motorcycles, landscape equipment, snowmobiles, yard machines, generators, and marine engines.  MSDS-SDS SHEET

Extreme Xtra Diesel/Bio-Diesel Fuel Treatment is a great way to get more out of the fuel you purchase. The Extreme Xtra Diesel/Bio-Diesel Treatment works the same way Extreme Xtra Gasoline Treatment works, by utilizing a unique formulated blend designed just for diesel engines. Extreme Xtra complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for diesel engine use.  Packaged in a 16 oz applicator bottle. One bottle treats up to 160 gallons of fuel.  Its compatible with all diesel engines that power semi’s, big rigs, off-road heavy duty earth moving equipment, large boat engines, large stationary generators, diesel powered rail locomotives, and all other diesel powered engines.  MSDS-SDS SHEET

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments formulas include:

  • Extreme Xtra Gasoline Fuel Treatment for Cars and Trucks, Marine/Boat, Motorcycle, and small engines
  • Extreme Xtra Diesel Fuel Treatment for Cars and Trucks, construction equipment, earth moving equipment, generators, marine/boat

—More about Extreme Xtra Gasoline Fuel Treatments (click here for the PDF)

—More about Extreme Xtra Diesel Fuel Treatments (click here for the PDF)

Made in the USA

Proud Sponsor of the #22 Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments Sportsman Modified