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Posted on December 2, 2013 by tintmyride

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is the most comprehensive, effective, and highly concentrated fuel treatment available. XFT should be added to the fuel at every fill-up based on the treatment ratio chart below.

So how to put Xtreme Fuel Treatment in the fuel tank?

It is recommended that you first put the XFT in the tank before you fill it up with fuel or gas, so the fuel will push it to the bottom of the tank and mix well with the fuel. Then follow the dosage below.

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Double Dosage:

The regular dosage is 1/4 ounce of XFT for every 20 gallons (75 liters) of fuel (gasoline or diesel). It is recommended that 2x (double) the amount of XFT be added to the fuel for the first three tanks of fuel, after which, the amounts detailed below should be used at every fill-up.

In Gallons:

In Liters:


Bottles with built-in measuring portion:

fill1           fill2

To fill the measurable portion on the bottle with the proper amount of XFT, simply loosen only the lid above the reservoir and mildly squeeze the bottle to allow the XFT to flow into the reservoir. After measuring the prescribed amount of XFT, remove the lid and pour the pre-measured contents directly into the fuel tank. The XFT will mix uniformly with the fuel in the tank.

2 oz. Bottle Extender:


This little plastic piece is custom-made to fit the 2 oz. bottle and will make it easier than ever to get every drop of XFT in the tank! Easy and simple to use! All users of the 2 oz. bottle will love it! Available Dec. 1, 2013. $3.00 USD.

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1 oz. Dropper Bottle:

1oz_xft 1 oz (ounce) dropper bottle is great to use for smaller fuel tanks, like with that of the lawn mowers, snow mobiles, motorcycles etc.

13 drops of XFT treats 1 gallon (3.5 liters) of fuel. That’s the regular dosage. Again, it is recommended to double the dosage in the first three treatments, so use 26 drops of XFT for every 1 gallon of fuel. After that, just use the regular dosage which is 13 drops of XFT for every 1 gallon of fuel.

Just squeeze the bottle lightly to make a drop. Don’t squeeze it too hard, or it will squirt.

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10ml Foil Pack (sachet):


10ml foil pack of XFT with the green color pack is a single use for 20 gallons (75 liters) of fuel. Double the usage (2 packs) for the first three treatments. Just tear off the sachet and put into the fuel tank directly before filling up with gas. Be careful not to wet your hands or fingers with the XFT because it stinks a lot. If so, wash your hands right away.

5ml Foil Pack (sachet):


5ml foil pack of XFT with the yellow color pack is a single use for 10 gallons (36 liters) of fuel. Double the usage (2 packs) for the first three treatments.

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