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Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ contains a fuel catalyst known as a ‘burn rate modifier’. The burn rate modifier reduces ignition delay, which delivers a significant, corresponding decrease in combustion temperature. By lowering ignition delay, the fuel reacts to combustion quicker, permitting for a longer, alot more complete burn. This enhanced combustion outcomes in burning even more in the attainable BTU’s with the fuel. A far more total burn improves engine efficiency, reduces harmful emissions substantially, and reduces fuel usage.Enabling a additional complete burn course of action implies you use much less fuel and consequently improve your trucks fuel mileage. A more full burn procedure increases the obtainable horsepower and torque, thereby enhancing your engine’s power. A superior burn also outcomes in much less carbon buildup on engine parts and fewer emissions out of the exhaust pipe. Less carbon buildup indicates less wear on the engine which may produce fewer repairs and extended engine life.

XFT™’s one of a kind formula contains various ingredients, every designed to get a certain objective:

Combustion Catalyst – Extends the burn rate of fuel in the course of combustion to supply a even more full fuel burn ensuing a elevated gas mileage, fewer harmful emissions and much less carbon buildup on engine parts.

Detergents – Removes dangerous deposits from fuel pumps, injectors and all through the fuel technique.

Lubricants – Provides lubrication to pistons, fuel pumps and injectors, lowering friction and prolonging the working life in the engine.

Fuel Stabilizer – Prolongs the life of stored fuel; perfect for seldom utilised gear.

Polymerization Retardant & Dispersant – Reduces sludge buildup in fuel which may plug filters.

Rust and Corrosion inhibitor – Prevents tank and fuel method corrosion caused by oxidation and condensation.

Demulsifier – Helps remove water from fuel.

Money Back Guarantee

Syntek Globaloffers a 30 day, Money-back Guarantee (less shipping & processing charges) onXtreme Fuel Treatmentto make it convenient for one to try the product. If used correctly, XFT™ will produce outcomes. If, after you’ve used the product for the minimum recommended period of time, and are not satisfied, contact Syntek Global to have your money back.