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Corporate Overview

Syntek was founded in 2008, and since that time we have seen tremendous progress through the release of our inaugural product, Xtreme Fuel Treatment. We are financially strong and have very positive expectations for the future of our company, and we have good reason to. We are perfectly positioned for the explosive growth that we’ve already been seeing for some time. We have the staff, the facilities, the suppliers, and strong committed leaders with the passion for helping other people achieve their dreams!

Syntek Global is growing at an amazing pace. We are thrilled by the success of so many of our distributors. We understand the reason is because we offer what is so hard to find…a way to make a meaningful income by saving people money, not asking them to spend more. We sell world-class products while leveraging the strength of a one-of-a-kind compensation plan that has proven itself to be both lucrative and stable. And perhaps most importantly, we have something the EVERYONE needs. EVERYONE drives and uses fuel, EVERYONE likes to save money, and EVERYONE needs the opportunity to make their dreams become a reality.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance lives by enabling individuals to experience their personal definition of success through world class support, industry leading products, and cutting edge systems that will bring optimal results. At Syntek Global success is a choice. Period.

We are expanding worldwide!!!

The Management

John Winterholler – President & CEO


John brings extensive management and leadership experience to the Syntek Global team. His resume includes executive positions in both publicly traded and privately held companies, with a specific background in the financial services and technology industries.

Curt Ence – Chief Financial Officer, VP of Product Research & Development


Curt has years of management experience and entrepreneurial ownership of his own businesses to the Syntek Global team. He has much experience working in both the private and public sectors of business.

Kirk Newman – Chief Marketing Officer


Kirk brings his entrepreneurial expertise along with his network marketing background to Syntek Global. He has successfully owned a business involving the manufacturing and distribution of patented products, and he is an expert in developing and implementing marketing plans to distribute products on a global scale.

Joel Theler – Chief Operations Officer


Joel has leadership experience and the ability to communicate clearly and decisively with distributors. He previously owned and operated a successful business and has an extensive background in computer technology, business planning, and marketing.


The Problem

How many times have you heard that the ‘ultimate business opportunity‘ is right in front of your eyes and if you don’t act quickly, it might pass you by? Have you asked yourself, were any of these supposed ‘opportunities’ real, and did you let something get away from you that could have changed your life in a positive way? Then, what criteria should you use to evaluate whether an opportunity is worth your time and consideration?

Today’s economic turmoil, including rising unemployment, massive layoffs, reduced career opportunities, mistrust of the current financial systems, and more, are forcing most people to consider what alternatives might be available for them to be more secure financially in the future. If this sounds like something you’ve been thinking about, then perhaps it would be worthwhile to keep reading.

The Solution
Syntek Global Inc. was organized at the right time to provide individuals an opportunity to represent a proven product that is in high demand worldwide and allows them to be rewarded financially with long term residual income.

PictureThe success of any company is determined by its products, people and pay plan. Syntek Global addresses these three categories in ways that allow independent distributors to achieve their own personal and financial goals. Here’s how…

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is being introduced to the general public for the first time since its invention more than 20 years ago. The product has been used industrially and commercially for over two decades. With an extensive and proven history and track record throughout the world, the use of Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ provides substantial and verifiable results in multiple ways.

According to a leading chemical industry journal, the addition of the compounds found in Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ to fuels “results in considerable benefits, including energy savings, smoke abatement, pollution control, inhibition of mechanical abrasion, and the prolonging of the life of machinery and engines.” No other fuel treatment on the market today provides the comprehensive benefits found in Xtreme Fuel Treatment™.



With years of industry experience combined with visionary leadership, Syntek Global has an eye on cutting edge technologies and marketing methods, which create the ultimate business opportunity for independent distributors and also attracts a new demographic of network marketers.

Pay Plan

Syntek Global offers a unique compensation plan with eight different ways to earn income. Distributors earn compensation through multiple business pools, team commissions, along with industry leading check match and preferred customer bonus programs.

Benefits of XFT ™: No other product on the market today can compare to XFT™ in its history or performance.

1. Increases Fuel Mileage:
Reduces fuel consumption resulting in increased miles per gallon.
2. Prolongs Engine Life & Reduces Engine Wear:
A cleaner and more lubricated engine means better performance and reduced wear.
3. Improves Vehicle Performance & Horsepower:
Burns more of the available BTU’s in the fuel resulting in better performance.
4. Reduces Harmful Emissions & Pollutants:
Reducing harmful pollutants coming from the exhaust pipe results in a cleaner environment.

Unlike other products sold through the direct sales model, buying fuel and the expense of transportation is a necessity, not a luxury. You can actually track the results and prove to yourself, and so can your customers, that this product really works. By using Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ you save money at the pump and prolong the life of your engine. By sharing it with others and developing customers and distributors on your team, you can earn substantial residual income.

Real Results
Join the thousands of real people who have felt the impact of becoming a Syntek Global distributor and what using Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ has done for them in their pursuit of the ultimate business opportunity.

“I have been so blessed at this time in my life to find a great product, the best timing, and a great team to support me in building my business with Syntek. This opportunity only comes along once in a lifetime. So I’m grabbing on for dear life!!!” – Toni S. Mesa, AZ

“Syntek Global is a life changing company. I no longer have the huge burden of my house payment looming over me. Nothing has ever helped me sleep with the peace of mind I have now! The best part about it is I have seen many families experience the same results.” – Rob H. Logan, UT

“Being a Syntek Global distributor has made all the difference. More miles per gallon from my car and more income in my pocket.” – Al. B. Sacramento, CA