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Is Xtreme Fuel Treatment a Scam?

Who says Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a scam? They are those who didn’t even use it, or those who have used other fuel additives before but the products didn’t work for them, or those who just think there’s no single fuel additive that will ever work in their vehicle.

Don’t you know that “EPA requires the use of additives to control the formation of engine and fuel supply system deposits in all U.S. gasoline.”? Here’s the link:

You may have heard that fuel additives don’t work or that they will void an engine’s warranty, but for your information, an act of congress says it won’t affect your warranty. See below

Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (P.L. 93-637) is a United States Federal Law (15 U.S.C. 2301 et seq.) enacted in 1975.

It is the federal statute that governs warranties on consumer products. The legislative history indicates that the purpose of the Act is to make warranties on consumer products more readily understood and enforceable and to provide the Federal Trade Commission with means to better protect consumers.

Vehicle manufacturers are not allowed to void the vehicle warranty just because aftermarket parts or additives are used on or in the vehicle. The only time a new vehicle warranty can be voided is if an aftermarket part has been installed or used and it can be proven that its use is responsible for the warranty claim. In this circumstance the aftermarket parts liability insurance would provide coverage. If a dealer denies a warranty claim involving an implied or expressed new warranty and you require assistance, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

It is common that some engine manufacturers will assert that the use of certain additives that are designed to do such things as act as a pour point depressant, a cetane enhancer, a combustion improver, a biocide, or a lubricity agent, etc. may prove useful to the overall performance of the engine.

It’s true, many products don’t do what they claim and many are ineffective. But let me set your mind at ease about Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT). Years of research, data, and practical use has proven XFT to be highly effective. After all, there is a reason that these large companies won’t go without it. Why would they continue using it year after year if it didn’t work! The benefits are unmistakable and quantifiable, and we have example after example of its effectiveness.

We are believers of Xtreme Fuel Treatment because the product does what it says. It worked in all our vehicles, Mercedes Benz with V8 engine, Hummer, and Suburban with 24 in. wheels. It’s saving us $12 to $18 on fuel every fill up. There are thousands of testimonials from people that tested and used the product. Click here to read more testimonials.

XFT is a time-tested and patented fuel treatment. The following statements from the patent show the reason why this product is invented:

“In the past, fuel has been treated to improve combustion efficiency and to protect fireside surfaces from high temperature corrosion and carbon-containing scale build up. Typical additive packages have been used based on oil soluble organometallic compounds of manganese in fuel. Unfortunately, the compounds used previously were extremely toxic and consequently difficult to store and handle.”

“In the past, a wide variety of chemical compositions have been provided as fuel additives. Unfortunately, many of these compositions when used as recommended by their manufacturers did not provide all of the properties which overall were required for an effective inhibitor, or reinhibitor and depolymerizer for the long term storage of kerosene and diesel fuel, as well as providing combustion efficiency improvement.”

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is registered under the EPA to increase fuel efficiency, prolong engine life, enhance horsepower & performance, and reduce emissions. XFT was mainly distributed in the industrial markets as a solution to extend the operating hours between service repairs and to help treat rocket fuels. In 2008, Syntek Global released XFT to the public making it a viable solution for any size operation. Multiple mass-carbon balance tests, independent lab tests, fuel consumption tests, and case studies on various engines have been performed to prove the effectiveness of XFT.

Here is the link to the EPA registration:

Here is the link to one test result from LubeTrak. They did a Stationary Fuel Consumption Test:

So why not try the product for you to see if it’s a scam or not?

Is Xtreme Fuel Treatment’s Business Opportunity or Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

First, let’s give you an example of what a real Pyramid Scheme is.

As you can see on the picture, the person on top of the pyramid will always earn more than the people below him. Even if the people below work so hard, they will never out-earn the people above them. This is the real Pyramid Scheme and this is how every corporate business works. And you might be employed to one of them. So you might be involved in a Pyramid Scheme….

What about the Xtreme Fuel Treatment’s Network Marketing?

First, let’s differentiate Network Marketing from Multilevel Marketing (MLM).

Although multi-level marketing (MLM) is often used in network marketing, it is actually a completely different concept. When most people mention the term multi-level marketing, the company that immediately comes to mind is Amway.

Multi-level marketers make their money by introducing others into their programs as distributors. They are then paid a commission on the revenue that the person they introduced brings in. This continues as more and more people are added to the downline.

Successful multi-level marketers are making money off of other people’s work. The idea is that as you continue to recruit new people into the organization, you move yourself up from a worker bee to management. Rather than actually selling any product, you’re responsible for additional recruiting, training and motivation for your team as it grows.

In many multi-level marketing programs, commissions are paid way down the line so the more people you and your team bring on, the better. Network marketing on the other hand, actually has a much wider scope. As mentioned above, it can include multi-level marketing but also has many other facets. Network marketing is quite simply using your relationships to sell a product or service.

Now, Xtreme Fuel Treatment business is using the Network Marketing Strategy. The business includes both selling the product and building a team. Yes, Network Marketing is also shaped as a pyramid, but with Syntek Global it is called a Tree, not a pyramid. It doesn’t have the same scheme as what corporate businesses have. It doesn’t mean that if you are on top of the tree, you can always earn more than the people below you. Syntek Global designed its Network Marketing strategically so that whoever works hard will earn more, no matter where level they are. If you got more customers than the people above you, even you are below the tree; you can earn more than the people above you because you’re making greater percentage on the commission since you got more personal customers. I can personally testify for this. I was earning more than the person who enrolled me because I personally enrolled more people and I have more personal customers than the guy above me has.

So, Xtreme Fuel Treatment’s Network Marketing is NOT a Pyramid Scheme. It is a Tree. Why is it called a Tree? It’s because it has many branches. It’s not only the people on the top that will become successful or fruitful but also the people in all branches of the tree.

 “Why do they need to have Network Marketing attached to the product?”

Well, actually, the product has been used for over 2 decades without the Network Marketing attached to it. It was the large industrial companies that were using it, and the product proved to be effective for those huge companies. That time, the product was sold in huge drums. It was only in the past 3 years that Syntek Global made it available for individual consumer, and packed the product into single dose packets and bottles.

Network Marketing is the best way to sell the product. Word of mouth is always the best marketing strategy. Plus, a person will be able to show his testimonial about the product, and by sharing it to other people, he will earn money too. Network Marketing actually helps people earn money; especially in this economy that unemployment rate is high.

“Why not just put the product on the store shelves next to other fuel additives?”

If this product is placed on the store shelves, it will not sell against those cheap fuel additives that don’t work. People will always buy the cheaper product even if they don’t work. And people won’t be educated how to test the product if it is just sitting on the shelf and nobody explaining how to use it. People will not see its difference to other fuel additives too, if it is just sitting on the store shelves next to other fuel additives. The product needs to stand out; there should be people who will testify on its effectiveness, there should be people who will tell people on how to test the product the right way in order to get the right result.

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