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Xp3 Winter Xtreme
Delivers Superior
Cold Weather Protection Helps to prevent
waxing and gelling Cleans, Lubricates,
and Protects EnginesReduces Pour Point
by up to 35 degrees!Reduces Expensive
Winter Down TimeSee How Xp3 Helped
a Minnesota Trucker
to Gain 1.8 MPG and
Extend Oil Change
Intervals Up to 52%!Bill Hamblin
Hamblin Express “Using Xp3 in our 2007 Kenworth
increased our MPG
from 5.75 to 7.01 MPG.
Xp3 also increased the
MPG from 5.47 to 6.67
in our 2003 Freightliner.
Xp3 saves us $1,000’s per year!”