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If you are unhappy with this uh, “opportunity”, here’s another MLM.

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Benifits (sic) of the FUEL OPTIMIZER Catalyst Delivery System:

Increases gas mileage (gasoline savings average more than 22%)
Cleans engines throughout of harmful abrasive carbon deposits
Works in conjunction with and extends the life of catalytic converters
Engines burn more completely captivating(sic) 22% of all fuel that is normally wasted without the FUEL OPTIMIZER System
3-5 Point octane boost
Significantly reduces pollution
Gives vehicles more pow-er and acceleration
Easy to use, pre-measured bottles of platinum formula
Installs in 10-15 minutes with easy to follow instructions. No special tools needed
FUEL OPTIMIZER Catalyst system is small
Fits conveniently in engine area
FUEL OPTIMIZER is safe and compatible with all gasoline burning engines

I’ll give you a few pointers.

-That gadget has been on (and off) the market since 1977

-Since 1980 their basic claim has been unchanged: 22% fuel economy on average.

-That claim is presented in various ways, like 22% to 28% fuel economy, up to 48% fuel economy, guaranteed 22% fuel ecomony, etc…

-They claim that their system works equally for gasoline and diesel engines, with the magic 22% for both

– They present a test, (or is it a testimonial), with a Chevrolet 1980 V8 engine, in simulated conditions. The results were a 18% fuel economy

-Since 1980, engines, carburators and fuel mixes have changed A LOT. Their claims have remained unchanged.

-They claim it’s “EPA Approved”. It is. As any gizmo claiming to improve engine efficiency.
Here is the EPA webpage:
And here is the result of the EPA tests for the Platinum Gasaver: (900K PDF)
The EPA concludes that the device brings no improvement either emission or fuel economy, so it is legit to sell it in the US of A.

-The device mixture purportedly contains platinum, rhodium and niobum. Currently, platinum fetches $1500 an ounce.

-The Global Verge CEO claims that the product has won a Truth in Advertising award. This is false.
The National Fuel Saver company was sued in 1980 by the US Postal Service under the Truth in Advertising law, for claiming that the product brung UP TO 48% fuel savings.
National Fuel Saver initially lost the case (they had done no systematic testing), but the case was reversed on appeal.
So, no, they didn’t win any “Truth in Advertising” award, and the Courts didn’t affirm or condone their tests, or lack thereof.

-Here is the results of the test of the device by Consumer Reports:…view/index.htm
“The Platinum Gas Saver ($248 for two, free shipping) includes tubing and a plastic reservoir containing liquid.
The National Fuelsaver Corporation claims the device is guaranteed to increase fuel mileage by 22 percent, in addition to extending engine life by cleaning out abrasive carbon deposits.
The manufacturer says that the product adds microscopic amounts of platinum to the air and fuel going to the engine, helping your car burn gas more efficiently and cleanly.
In more than 1,800 miles of driving, our tests showed no overall mileage improvements.”

So much for the Global Verge Fuel Economizer.