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Syntek Global the global fuel treatment leader has just opened their office in Lagos, Nigeria with their flag ship product Extreme Fuel Treatment (XFT). The product is a concentrate of several fuel treatment additives that have been cleverly and scientifically blended into one. XFT is a Patent, Proven ,Tested, EPA registered and Ecovisionary award winner product which comes with four (4) key benefits:

 – Enhanced fuel efficiency and economy

 – Improves engine performance and horsepower

 – 35% reduction in carbon emission
 – Prolongs engine life

About 18 years ago, Curt Ence was supplying a fuel additive that reduces unfriendly pollutants and emissions. The addictive was packaged in 55-gallon drums for commercial use. Big manufacturing companies, industrial giants, and mining organizations around the world have come to depend upon XFT simply because of the proven benefits already outlined above. That meant great savings in terms of fuel consumption and engine repairs.

Before Curt Ence began selling XFT commercially, he had had a successful career as a distributor in direct sales. As  more and more evidence of the latent power of XFT piled up, Ence envisioned the need to pass the product and its benefits to the common people like you and I. From the start, he was very clear that he wanted to market the product using a direct selling model.

In 2007, Ence brought his idea to three other men— Joel Theler, John Winterholler, and Kirk Newman. Together, they brainstormed on a direct selling vehicle, a company, to distribute the product to consumers, and 2 years later, in October of 2009, Syntek Global was officially launched.

These founding fathers of Syntek Global are convinced they’ve got a product that will forever change the way the world would use fuel as well as the way many serious minded and sincere individuals will start to earn residual income for themselves—and they’re collecting the evidence to prove it. Syntek continually gathers data demonstrating the product’s effectiveness and how it has turned peoples’ life around positively.

Evidence that Syntek Global fuel treatment works

In order to prove that the product has always worked, Syntek Global has been compiling independent reports that re-affirm the efficacy of the product year in year out. Such report includes technical and industrial feedback from commercial entities who have used XFT for many years. “The convenience and multiplicity of XFT’s benefits are unlike anything else on the market today,” Winterholler says. “The product was first patented in 1986, and has been re-patented several times since. It’s registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. There’s a lot of scientific proof behind XFT.

According to the Nigerian Government, Nigerians consume about 34 millions of petrol litres per day. Annually, that translates to about 12.4 billion liters. This is a huge cost to consumers at the current rate of N97/litre. It is even more so for diesel consumers who now buy at about N160/litre. Aside from this, the staggering number also affects the environment. As consumption continues to rise, more and more harmful chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere. Here is where the huge opportunity to make money by helping to put back money into the pocket of fuel consumers come in through the use of syntek global XFT product

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