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Hi, my name is Marisela Kleinmoedig, and I am with Syntek Global Curacao for 5 months now.

This article is especially for those who are skeptic about Extreme Fuel Treatment, and also those who are thinking on becoming a distributor of Extreme Fuel Treatment.

Syntek is a very great business opportunity for people who want to make an extra income, or for people who are jobless and want to work from home.

First of all Syntek Global has been around more than 3 or 4 years; see this clip it was published in 2012. The product it self, Extreme Fuel Treatment, is more than 20 years on the market but just for Industries.

In this presentation Co-founder Kirk Newton has explained how Syntek Global started. So you know the product it self is not an invention of  Syntek Global. But Syntek Global is the company that has brings it to the market as a Network Marketing product.

More information about Extreme Fuel Treatment itself can be found in documented analysis made by lots of investigators.

History of the product

One of the key ingredients that is used in this fuel treatment was discovered in 1951, it was later perfected by two great scientists who won a noble prize in chemistry in 1971 for this organo-metallic compound, Ernst Otto Fischer and Geofrey Wilkinson.

A long with that organo-metallic compound there are several other ingredients that work independently to form this remarkable product EXTREME FUEL TREATMENT (XFT for short). This product was patented by the US government on April 29,1986. This product is time tested for over twenty (20) years in Industrial markets around the world. Extensive testing and performance measurement data prove that it really works!

Until today this product has only been used in large industrial applications and has only been sold in bulk quantities. Now, for the first time ever, XFT is available to the general public for use in all types of engines. source:


There are lots of benefits by using the product. It is an alternative to lots of other fuel additives on the shelves together. To know more about how to use the product  watch the following short clip:

So it’s easy to use. You decide the bottle version or the enveloppe version. It’s up to you.

The benefits of the product, like I said before are tremendous. Let me just name a few:

1  Prolong fuel live

2  Lubricates fuel system

3  Less emissions


There is another clip that explains a lot about the product characteristics and the benefits for your vehicle. Watch:

How to make money with Syntek Global?

Syntek Global has put together a marketing system with you in mind. They think the only way to distribute this product worldwide a low cost is through Independent Distributors like you and me. This opportunity gives you a way to make an extra income per month. But to receive the results of this opportunity you must have an open mind. What is the best attitude if an opportunity knocks on your door?

There are many things you can do with this opportunity. You can:

*     Become a customer

*     Become a Distributor

*     Just a seller

Or ignore this information, and find some other additive for your fuel to save on gas or just keep on spending money on fuel. And consider the site: Behind MLM, that is a 1 person review in 2011 on the Syntek opportunity.


But if you want to take the challenge and do 1 of the above, I invite you to contact me (5999-6989074 or, or the person that gave you this presentation, and ask them how to become a Syntek Global Independent Distributor. But this following clip will explain you the benefits when you become a customer a seller or a distributor.

Now convinced?

Syntek Global has developed a compensation plan for people who want to do this business as an opportunity to earn residual commissions from this product  Now that you know how the product works and all its benefits. You know how to use it and what are the benefits to join. I ant to share with you how the company pays his distributors month by month year by year. I will have someone of the company explain you ways to earn money in this business.

part 1

part 2

part 3

 part 4

part 5

This is just a few ways how the company pays. Don’t think that you must achieve this in 6 to 12 months. Give yourself 2 to 5 years to accomplish this.

How to start:

250 PV Starter Kit $350 Incl. Tax
For Team Curacao

500 PV Business Builder Starter Kit  $700 incl. Tax
For Team Curacao

You can choose out of these 2 packages: Starter Kit (30 enveloppes) or Buisiness builder kit (65 enveloppes). Changes aplly.

You can get an explanation on how to fill your form here:

You can print your distributor application form here:

You can print your customer application form here:

Syntek Global Distributor Agreement. You can read it here:

While considering this or any other MLM Compensation Plan it is good to remember the “work” in NetWORK Marketing.

The average person tends to forget that Network Marketing is a legitimate business industry taught by Harvard Professor Dr. Charles King

and endorsed by qualified professionals like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Warren Buffet and many others all over the world!

They forget that the Network Marketing distribution system has been used by major Fortune 500 Companies for many years to get their goods and services to the public.

The average person tends to treat Network Marketing business opportunities like “Get Rich Quick Schemes” expecting great results from very little investment… this is unrealistic!

Nevertheless, Syntek Global’s Compensation Plan remains distinctively lucrative compared to others in the industry and will pay you very well based on how much effort YOU put into YOUR business!

Produced and edited by Purcy Cicilia, Silver Pro, Syntek Global Independent Distributor

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If you want to buy online (only for Curacao residents) you can do so:

After 6 tanks of fuel, the results speak for

themselves as thousands of consumers all

over the world now use XFT every time they fill up their tank.

XFT – 2 oz (59 mL) Bottle. Treats 160 Gallons (597.67 Liters) $25 (USD) $32 (USD)
XFT – 4oz (118 mL) Bottle. Treats 320 Gallons (1,195.34 Liters) $45 (USD) $55 (USD)

XFT – 4 (10ml) Foil Packs. Treats 80 Gallons (303.9 Liters) $17.95 (USD) $19.95 (USD
XFT – 8 (10ml) Foil Packs. Treats 160 Gallons (605 Liters) $29.95 (USD) $35.95 (USD)

autoship prices are discounted !!!

Payment via    using my email adress,,  and your product will be delivered to you within 5 working days.

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