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Name: Efenure Emmanuel
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Sportage Jeep
Phone No: 08037211907

Testimonial: “XFT has improved my engine performance. My exhaust now flushes out water as if I have just bought it. I get 50% savings as it has cut down my fuel consumption by half. I know David. He is my neighbor. Please send another set of 5 sachets to me through him”


Name: Yusuf Abdulaziz
Country: Nigeria (Kaduna)
Vehicle: Peugeot 406 2002 model
Phone No: 08033113679

Testimonial: “I use Peugeot 406 2002 model. The first time I used XFT (10ml) for a full tank, I did not noticed any improvement. The second time too no appreciable improvement. By the time I made third application the result was marvelous. I was on a journey. At that time, the fuel gauge was below half tank and the indicated distance to be covered with the remaining fuel was 320 kilometers. I stopped at a place to buy some drinks. When I started the car to continue with the journey I noticed that the indicated kilometers left to be covered had risen to 450 kilometers, which mean that I gained extra 130 kilometers by using 10mls of xft for a full tank”.


Name: David Obasa
Country: Nigeria (Kano)
Vehicle: Honda Accord
Phone No: 08023390716

Testimonial: “I am a frequent traveller, therefore I burn a lot of fuel in transit. However, ever since I started using XFT my fuel consumption has gone down. Before coming across XFT, my Honda Accord car used to burn between 17-22 litres for a 230 km journey but after commencing the treatment, the same car now uses between 10 – 12 litres over the same distance. Now I don’t like filling up fuel without using XFT because each time I do that, it is like deliberately throwing money away. Also, it makes my engines run smoothly and gives me longer period between servicing of my vehicles. Really XFT has saved me some money”.


Name: Sunkami Adewusi
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Cerato
Phone No: 08081991812

Testimonial: “I’ve been using XFT for close to six months now and have found out major benefits of its use. My engine runs smoother, fuel economy is higher, and the most important is that I’ve been able save on frequent servicing. I drive a Kia Cerato which I service every 3 months, but with XFT I was able to extend the servicing to 6 months and the car still runs efficiently and smoothly with no hiccups.  XFT really is every car’s multivitamins”.

Name: Semmie Henry
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Rio
Phone No: 08033350063

Testimonial: “I got to know about XFT after my KIA RIO had done over 87,000 kilometers. That was after four years of average daily milage of 60 kilometers. Up to that time I was filling up the 43 litre tank for a five-day consumption. After using XFT, I went from 300 kilometres per week to 500 kilometers per week. Put in another way, I started using the same volume of fuel for  seven (7) days and sometimes eight (8). I also noticed that the sound of my engine became smoother with less noise and that the force with which it moved increased significantly. As a control check, there was a week when I deliberately avoided using XFT on the same routine trip. My engine just went back to its normal self and I used the full tank for just five (5) days. After that week, I used XFT again and got the same fuel saving that I got with XFT. I have been using XFT regularly since then as  feel I am cheating myself if I don’t use it. It comes well recommended for others who use my type of car”.


Name: Tobi A. (Mrs.)
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Rio
Phone No: 08155555901

Testimonial: “I have been using XFT on my car for six months now. I have experienced 25 -30% in fuel savings. The number of times in between repairs has reduced significantly. I also use XFT on my generator and it has saved a lot of money on servicing. Before the use of XFT, we serviced the genset every 2 weeks and it got to a point we wanted to change the generator. At that point, XFT came along. We started using it immediately and the result we got was amazing. 3 liters of fuel lasted us for 8 hours. The generator stabilized itself and we didn’t service it for 5 months. For me fuel economy is the least of what this product does. What i get in repairs is amazing. I am happy my husband and I did not ignore the product when we came across it. I am bold to say there is no other fuel treatment like XFT in the market today”.