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Using Xtreme Fuel Treatment gets results. From the folks that use XFT in their personal vehicles, to large companies that use XFT in fleets of industrial equipment, and at all sizes in between.

We want you to be just as confident as we are that using XFT will boost your fuel mileage, give better engine life, and reduce emissions. Take a moment to read below about what actuall customers have to say about XFT and browse through case studies from companies that have used XFT to save them money.

“I am very impressed with XFT it has made an improvement in my 2006 Harley Davidson 1450’s performance. I was getting 38 mpg before testing the product an had an increase of 47mpg while testing, now my bike starts alot quicker and doesn’t stall after starting it on choke, it Idles a lot smoother and runs a lot better. This product is so unique and it has helped me a great deal. I’m very pleased with the results, will continue to use this product. I recommend anyone who wants to save money on fuel to use this product because it really works. It did for me.”

Camille R. Eagle Lake, Maine

“Since using the Xtreme Fuel Treatment product we have not had any failures in injector pumps or injectors. We use generators in pre-Olympic events and TV sporting events. In the 2002 Winter Olympics we were using 875 gallons of diesel fuel per day and after using XFT our fuel consumption dropped to 650 gallons of fuel per day. We have had generators come to us form other parts of the country that were not running real well. We added a double dose of XFT and within several hours the generators began running smoother. This is a great product that I recommend to everyone.”

Dave P. – GE Rentals – Salt Lake City, UT

“Using Xtreme Fuel Treatment has lowered our fuel consumption greatly, in fact, by 15% per year – a significant savings. My biggest savings, that was unexpected, came in the form of labor costs. Buses get extremely black on the rear door from diesel residue. To remove the black, we were spending $14.50 per week per bus for cleaning ($7.25 per hour per driver times 2 washes per week) or approximately $106,000.00 per year. Since using Xtreme Fuel Treatment, we only need to wash the buses once every other month. This has created a saving in excess of $95,000.00 per year.”

Supervisor – Vehicle Maintenance – School District of Florida

“We decided to do a test on the fuel consumption between the trucking side and construction side of our company. The test results using XFT were shocking, doing the same amount of work load if not more, we purchased 15% less fuel than the previous months. Our trucks were topping the”Three Sisters” hills on I-80 with 2 more gears than ever before and the trucks went from 5.6 miles per gallon to 7.2 miles per gallon after just one month.”

Bill – Oilfield Service – Wyoming

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Prolongs engine life and reduces wear

Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 uses a combination of ingredients that work together to prolong the life of your engine. Detergents, demulsifiers, rust & corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization retardants work together to keep things clean and running smoother. The result is that component parts of the engine and fuel system run longer, work better, and cost much less to maintain. Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 also reduces friction, which means less wear on moving parts. This translates into fewer repairs over the life of your vehicle, saving you money and time. To learn how this is possible, see the “how it works” section of this website.

Improves vehicle performance and horse power

Your engine is just like most other things. The cleaner it is, the better it works! As the cleaning process removes any carbon build up, the engine will run smoother, and the vehicle will drive better.
Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 also impacts the vehicle’s horse power. Because you get a longer better burn, and the engine is burning more of the injected fuel, you get more power from the same amount of fuel.

Reduces harmful emissions and pollutants

One very important benefits of using Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 is that is reduces the amount of harmful emissions produced by your vehicle by almost 1/3. As we have said, it improves the combustion process in the engine which in turn reduces the harmful emissions produced. A common term used today is Carbon Footprint. A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact we have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gasses we produce. We can all breath easier because Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 will help you reduce your carbon footprint and make any vehicle you drive run cleaner.

Why does this product work so well?

The oil-soluble organo-metallic compound found in Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 simply means it can easily mix with other oil-based products evenly without any problems of separation or an uneven concentration in the fuel. If you use a pill or tablet form of an additive, it must dissolve and be dispersed through the fuel tank before it can even get into your engine and by the time the tablet or pill is completely dissolved you’ve already burned through precious gallons of gas. Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 makes sure every drop of fuel is treated before it burns in your engine.


Components of Syntek Engine Boost 2.0

Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 works to prolong the life of your engine, improve fuel mileage, increase performance and horsepower, and even lower emissions, but those are only a few of the benefits. There are many components to the Syntek product and each provides its own unique set of benefits.


Modern, high-tech, fuel injected engines have very tight tolerances. This means that they function very precisely and there is little to no room for even a tiny particle of dust or dirt without impacting performance. Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 contains detergents that keep your engine clean and remove harmful deposits from fuel pumps and injectors. Continual use of Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 will maintain peak performance in your engine and the function of all of these important parts.

Lubricating Agent

Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 provides lubrication for pistons, fuel pumps, and injectors, reducing friction and prolonging the working life of the engine parts. Inadequate lubrication of parts from today’s fuels can result in premature failure of engine parts and therefore costly replacement and repair.

Burn Rate Modifier

Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 contains an oil-soluble organo-metallic compound which functions as a “burn rate modifier” and a “catalyst” to lower the ignition point of fuel by several hundred degrees. This creates a longer burn time, allowing your engine to burn much more of the injected fuel. Lowering the ignition point of the fuel, and providing a longer burn time for the combustion process, not only means a more complete burn, but also means that more fuel powers the engine and little if any goes out the exhaust. That doesn’t happen with regular or even premium grade fuel when used alone in your vehicle.

Fuel Stabilizer

Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 is a fuel stabilizer. Once fuel is made, just like any oil-based product, it has a tendency to begin separating. As it separates, it loses some of its efficiencies. Engine Boost 2.0 stabilizes the fuel, keeping this breakdown from happening for longer periods of time. The benefit of this is that stored fuel will have a much longer shelf life. This is especially important for boat storage, snowmobiles, snow blowers, yard tools, or any other seldom used engine powered machinery.

Polymerization Retardant and Dispersants

Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 contains a polymerization retardant and dispersants to help prevent and reverse sludge buildup in your fuel which can and does clog filters. This is especially important in diesel fuels.

Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

Any time you put liquids and metals together, add oxidation, heat, and condensation, you are bound to get rust and corrosion. This is what happens in your fuel tank, however, Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to minimize corrosion in fuel tanks and delivery systems. Look at the difference between these engine valves before treatment and after.


Even though your gas tank is sealed, between heat creating condensation as well as the oxidation process, you cannot avoid getting water in your fuel. Syntek Xtreme Fuel Treatment / Engine Boost 2.0 contains a demulsifier which helps remove water from fuel due to this condensation and other sources of water. Why is this important? Water can be very harmful and costly to an engine and water can also be a major contributor to fuel injector failure.

Are you ready to try Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 and see for yourself if what we’re saying is true?
We are going to make it easy! Give Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 a try for a month or two and see if you don’t notice an improvement in your gas mileage, the way your engine runs, or even your horsepower. If you don’t get results from our product we’ll refund your money, every penny of it! That’s the Syntek guarantee.
We give a money-back guarantee because we’re confident in the benefits of Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 and we’re confident that regular use of this product will save you money far beyond the purchase price! Remember, this product has been tried and proven in the industrial marketplace now for over 15 years. There are countless testimonials to the benefits of this product. We know it works and we know it is safe for your vehicle.