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Syntek Global  is in Utah USA. The company has been servicing the large industrial companies for over 20 years.They knew the time had come for them to now open to the general public.

There are four main members on management team John Winterholler, Curt Ence,  Kirk Newman and Joel Thieler. . Syntek Global is a company that saw the struggles of the

How did Syntek Global Start ?

Curt Ence & Kirk Newman have been friends for many years. Through out the years Curt Ence had a product he was selling to the industrial industry throughout the whole world. This product was xft and  very successful in treating fuel in  large heavy equipment mainly in the mining industry. The fuel treatment product had been used for many. many years with much success. He gave Kirk Newman some of the XFT-xtreme fuel treatment . When he  used it and saw how well it worked. It gave him better gas mileage so he started using XFT.

One day as Curt Ence and Kirk Newman were on their way back home from a business meeting in another company back in 2008 they were discussing the rising gas prices   almost hitting $3.00 a gallon and still climbing what we know now higher than $4.00/gallon. They were discussing how the rising gas prices were killing them and how they use to  fill up a tank of gas with $40.00 but no more and now it  was costing $80.00 to fill up the same  tank for the exact same vehicle. As they were discussing this they both  realized it was high time they got XFT-Xtreme Fuel Treatment in the hands of consumers. Realizing how they must be facing the same issues.

It only was used in the industrial markets and only sold in 55 gallon barrels. So they needed to find a way to get them in smaller containers which would be  easier for the average consumers to have available to them and for them to purchase . A convenient package at their fingertips which was  easy to carry. This way the general public could benefit from Xtreme Fuel Treatment  just like Curt Ence and Kirk Newman did for years .They felt that they could help the general public save money at the pump .Putting less money at the tank meant more money in the bank.

So they started doing their homework . They went to several auto parts stores. To see what they had on the shelves. They had all kind of products but they were all for a singular use applications for example there were cleaning agents that clean pumps and injectors. There were rust and corrosion inhibitors .There were lubricants. There were catalysts that supposedly said that  they gave you “better gas mileage”. There were fuel stabilizers. The problem was they all came in individual bottles. They all had that singular dose application and averaged about 12 ounces. Well XFT-Xtreme Fuel Treatment only requires a 1/4 of an ounce as a dosage. What a BIG  .. huge difference. Can you image putting into your tank all those products plus the cost of each product and the time you would have to take to  fill up compared to 1/4 of an ounce of XFT?

When you do the math you would have to put 96 ounces of all the products compared to a 1/4 ounce each time you filled your tank of gas that didn’t make sense . That is putting more that an extra gallon of fluid in your tank needlessly.

They  did not  want to put the product in an auto part store because  frankly people wouldn’t believe that the product worked. Would anyone believe a 1/4 of an ounce product would work the same as compared to 96 ounces of all the other products ?  So they knew the only thing they could get the product into the hands of the public was to use word of mouth by doing network marketing. Since they had network marketing background  they knew this would get the word out.So that is how Syntek Global was born.