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• One thing people will always buy, no matter the cost…Fuel. Petrol. Diesel. However you say it, we all feel the same about it… A Necessary and Painful Expense.

• By partnering with Syntek Global, you can personally provide a way to ease that pain. You can save people a good amount of money on driving expenses. 

• Countries all over the world have pledged to reduce emissions by upwards of 15%- 30% by the year 2020. How will they do this? They have no idea! XFT reduces emissions by about 1/3. Some tests show even better than that. XFT is a simple, effective, immediate answer to this problem. And it actually costs you less to use than not to use it.

• It’s simple to become a distributor. Just send people to your website that is created for you.  Just take the orders and allow the company to ship the products. Your part is to spread the word . By becoming a Syntek Global Distributor, you will earn money every time someone makes a purchase.

• Syntek Global pays their distributors in over 9 different ways, including Direct Sales Commissions, Team Sales Commissions, Check Matching Commissions, and a number of bonuses including the incredible INFINITY Bonus which is unmatched in its ability to earn you money. For more information contact 1 800 206-7865