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Over 20 years, some large companies all over the world have been saving large amount of money on their fuel
cost and engine maintenance by using XTREME FUEL TREATMENT (XFT). If you start your engine
without XTREME FUEL TREATMENT in the tank, you are wasting money.

XTREME FUEL TREATMENT has logged over 2.5 Billion miles (4 Billion Kilometers) of operation. This equates to over 65 Million hours of successful engine operation. It is amazingly effective and perfectly safe.

During the entire history of XTREME FUEL TREAMENT being used throughout the world, no damages to engines or equipments have ever been shown or proven to occur.

XTREME FUEL TREAMENT utilizes a noble price WINNING chemistry to bring you the most effective solution available. It has multiple patents which mean nobody has what we have, and no other products do what XTREME FUEL TREAMENT does. Because XTREME FUEL TREATMENT is a comprehensive approach, it will take many products mixed together to even come close giving you the same benefit.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a product patented and time tested for nearly two decades in industrial markets around the world. Extensive testing and performance measurement data prove that it really works! Now, for the first time ever, Xtreme Fuel Treatment is available to the general public for use in all types of engines.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a break – through product which results in four key categories:
1. Increases Fuel Economy:
Reduces fuel consumption resulting in increased kilometers per litre.

2. Prolongs Engine Life & Reduces Engine Wear:
A clearer and more lubricated engine means longer engine life and reduced wear.
3. Improves Vehicle Performance & Horsepower:
Burns more of the available BTU’s in the fuel resulting in better performance.
4. Reduces Harmful Emissions & Pollutants:
Reducing harmful pollutants from the exhaust pipe results in a cleaner environment.

Use Xtreme Fuel Treatment in all of your petrol and diesel engines, both two and four cycle including:
· Cars
· Utility Vehicle
· Heavy Trucks
· Buses
· Yard Equipment
· Motorcycles
· Snowmobiles
· ATV’s
· Boats
· RV’s
· Generators
· Farm Equipment
· Construction
Equipment etc…

The cleaning process also removes carbon build up, enabling the engine to run smoother and your vehicle to drive better for longer.

You will go further on a tank of fuel. Based on hundreds of test on user feedbacks, XFT can save you between 7% & 10% on your fuel cost – Gasoline (petrol) or diesel. A 150 gallon (570L) tank of fuel at a 12% savings would save 18 gallons (69L) per fill up. Do the math.
Many are saving such more than that!

You no longer have to use midgrade or premium fuel in your Gasoline (petrol) vehicle, even in high performance engine. That will save you another 3% to 5% of your Gasoline (petrol) costs right at the pump.

Your vehicle will run longer and smoother without all the problems that come with a dirty, sludge – filled, corroding, sluggish, polluting engine. This will save you money on unneeded repairs and allowing your current
vehicle to last you much longer eliminating the need to replace or repair the engine nearly as often.

This can save you money when it comes to emissions inspections or tune – ups. XFT is also very good for the environment and is a way for your company to become greener without changing how you do business.

You no longer have to empty or replace the fuel that sits in storage tanks seasonal equipments such as recreational vehicles, bolts, lawn mowers and storage tanks that can also save you a substantial amount of
For instance: 10,000 litres of diesel a month

Diesel cost (10, 000 X 160) = 1,600,000 monthly x 12 months

= 19,200,000

Save 35% (3,500 x 160) = 560,000 monthly x 12 months

= 6,720,000

Current cost = 1,600,000 – 560,000

= 1,040,000 monthly x 12 months

= 12,480,000.

Therefore, your cost of purchasing diesel at the rate of 1,600,000 monthly has been brought low to 1,040,000 monthly in a year is 12,480,000 previously against 1,600,000 monthly and 19,200,000 yearly.

Then you or your company now stand to save 560,000 monthly and 6,720,000 yearly at the cost guaranteed of 35% cost saving on fuel or diesel. Although many testifiers are saving more than that.

XTREME FUEL TREATMENT cost you 150,000 monthly.
This means that your company will be saving 410,000 every month on your diesel cost, in 12 months that results 4,9 million, this is just one key benefit out of the four functions of XFT.

The benefit of the cost of servicing your engine, maintenance, paying huge amount of workmanship, buying of new parts, changing to new engine within a period of 2/5 years, your engine will be Harmful Emission free and pollutant reduced 20 23% and so many benefits.

3. Increases Horsepower: Adds life and enjoyment to your driving experience.

4. Reduces Harmful Emissions And Pollutants: Another major reason for using XFT is that it reduces the amount of harmful emissions produced by your vehicle by up to 23%. As we have said, it improves the combustion process in the engine which in turn reduces the harmful emissions produced. Reduce up to 1/3 of your machine emissions, it is a significant way to make a meaningful difference for the air quality of our world, and make a difference for the environment.

XTREME FUEL TREATMENT is currently in Nigeria and has been approved by the regulatory bodies in Nigeria like SON.

Get Started: Get started today by given XTREME FUEL TREATMENT a try for a month or two and see an improvement in your fuel or diesel economy, the way your engine runs even your horse power. XFT is all you need to reduce your company cost and achieve your company profitability goal.

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