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Syntek Global Compensation Plan

Syntek Global’s Compensation Plan is one of a rare-breed type that’s both lucrative and stable. It has been designed to reward every of its active members. Apart from earning according to one’s rank, it is also possible to earn from the company’s full range of compensation plan. In all, there are nine (9) different ways to earn from the company’s multi level marketing program. The nine ways refer to the rank-based earning and the eight (8) other ways offered by the reward plan grid.

 (1) Team Commissions

 (2) Customer Commissions

 (3) Check (Cheque) Match Commissions

 (4) Sponsor Bonus
 (5) Upline Bonus

 (6) Emerald Express way Bonus

 (7) Ruby Bonus

 (8) Leadership Bonus Pools

In other to understand the eight different ways of earning income from Syntek Global, I have attached the two informative and educative videos below for your guide. They are clear and simple to understand. The first is the presentation made by the XFTAustralia Team while the second is the one made my Chris Bailey, one of Syntek Global’s super stars.

(1) Syntek Global XFT Compensation Plan Presentation by XFTAustralia Team 

(2) Syntek Global Compensation Plan Presentation by Chris Bailey

I have studied the compensation plan carefully with the aim of faulting it but i couldn’t. It was much easier for me to fault other MLM programs’ pay plans that came my way but not this one. That gave me the comfort that I had always sought before joining any MLM business. That’s why it was easy for me to join Syntek Global.

If you are looking for the best multi level company with a generous and most stable compensation plan, you are there already. It is Syntek Global.