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Xtreme Fuel Treatment or XFT lowers the burn rate of your fuel creating improved gas mileage, less carbon buildup, lower emissions, and more horsepower, but those are only a few of the benefits. There are many components to the Syntek product and each provides its own unique set of benefits.


Modern, high-tech, fuel injected engines have very tight tolerances. This means that they function very precisely and there is little to no room for even a tiny particle of dust or dirt without impacting performance. XFT contains detergents that keep your engine clean and remove harmful deposits from fuel pumps and injectors. Continual use of XFT will maintain peak performance in your engine and the function of all of these important parts.

Lubricating Agent

XFT provides lubrication for pistons, fuel pumps, and injectors, reducing friction and prolonging the working life of the engine parts. Inadequate lubrication of parts from today’s fuels can result in premature failure of engine parts and therefore costly replacement and repair.

Fuel Stabilizer

XFT is a fuel stabilizer. Once fuel is made, just like any oil-based product, it has a tendency to begin separating. As it separates, it loses some of its efficiencies. XFT stabilizes the fuel, keeping this breakdown from happening for longer periods of time. The benefit of this is that stored fuel will have a much longer shelf life. This is especially important for boat storage, snowmobiles, snow blowers, yard tools, or any other seldom used engine powered machinery.

Polymerization Retardant and Dispersants

XFT contains a polymerization retardant and dispersants to help prevent and reverse sludge buildup in your fuel which can and does clog filters. This is especially important in diesel fuels.

Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

Any time you put liquids and metals together, add oxidation, heat, and condensation, you are bound to get rust and corrosion. This is what happens in your fuel tank, however, XFT contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to minimize corrosion in fuel tanks and delivery systems. Look at the difference between these engine valves before treatment and after.


Even though your gas tank is sealed, between heat creating condensation as well as the oxidation process, you cannot avoid getting water in your fuel. XFT contains a demulsifier which helps remove water from fuel due to this condensation and other sources of water. Why is this important? Water can be very harmful and costly to an engine and water can also be a major contributor to fuel injector failure.

All of these components come together to make XFT the most comprehensive fuel treatment on the market anywhere.

For you to enjoy just a few of the benefits listed above without using XFT, you’d have to buy the highest grade premium fuel available, spending 20 to 30 cents more per gallon over regular gasoline and then on top of that, you’d have to use some individual additives to capture the additional benefits! This would cost you more money and even then you may not be getting all of the benefits of XFT.

Money Back Guarantee!

Xtreme Fuel Treatment has a 30-day, Money Back Guarantee to make it easy for you to try the product for the first time. We are confident that if used correctly, XFT will produce results. If after you have used the product for at least the recommended period of time, and you see no results, contact us directly* and we will refund your money.

*This is a 30-day money back guarantee. To receive a refund if you do not see any results, you need to contact the corporate office, as well as sending back any unused portion of the product. This guarantee does not apply for product larger than a 16 ounce bottle.


“Since my first use of XFT, I have been getting an extra 60 miles per tank! XFT is saving my wife and I over $10.00 with every fill up. I would recommend using the XFT to anyone.” – James M., Salt Lake City, UT

“Since using the Syntek product we have not had any failures in injector pumps or injectors. We use generators in pre-Olympic events and TV sporting events. In the 2002 Winter Olympics we were using 875 gallons of diesel fuel per day and after using XFT our fuel consumption dropped to 675 gallons of fuel per day. We have had generators come to us from other parts of the country that were not running real well. We added a double dose of XFTt and within several hours the generators began running smoother. This is a great product that I recommend to everyone.”– Dave P., GE Rentals – Salt Lake City, UT