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A decade ago, the people of Delhi were delighted to discover that the cities once filthy air was becoming cleaner. India’s capital was converting busses and taxis so they used compressed natural gas, CNG a relatively clean fuel instead of diesel. Delhi also built a metro system, and new roads and flyovers to ease the traffic. But now the dirty air is back. Delhi, like Beijing is again one of the worlds most polluted cities. Scientists and environmental companies say the worst hazards in Delhi’s air are the tiny particles of dust and smoke. What they are breathing today, is a cocktail of a mixture of pollution and deadly and very poisonous pollutants. It’s very clear today, Delhi is facing what they call a multi-pollutant crisis. When several pollutants together and all of them are pretty hazardous, they go up together and manifold. They are so toxic that over a longer period of time they can trigger cancer. Along with that there is also nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, benzene,