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fule mix
Fuel additives have been around for while now but this new one, from the USA, is extra special. It even has an additive designed by a Nobel Prize holder, how cool is that?

You can lob it into your bike, car, van (diesel/petrol), two-stroke engine, generator, boats and more. It’ll improve performance, economy, clean and protect your engine, all from one product instead of buying multiple additives.

XFT is so efficient that a mere 1ml treats seven litres! So a 30ml bottle will treat up to 210 litres of fuel, so the price is most certainly right.

So, XFT is new and now available in SA and has to be worth a try, and anything with a patent and from the USA has to be good, right?

Prices: 5ml sachet R49, 10ml sachet R88, 30ml bottle R255, 60ml bottle R480         

Call: 071 702 8641

And go to for more technical information.