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• Be an Active Distributor in good standing with Syntek Global.
• Purchased or Upgraded to a 500 PV Starter Kit.
• Achieve the pay rank level for two (2) consecutive months. See below for the specific rank bonus.
Sapphire – earn up to $10,000 for achieving the rank of Sapphire, paid over a 12-month period.
Blue Diamond – earn up to $50,000 for achieving the rank of Blue Diamond, paid over an 18-month period.
Presidential Team Elite – earn up to $100,000 for achieving the rank of Presidential Team Elite, paid over a 24-month period.
Crown Team Elite – earn up to a half a million dollars for achieving the rank of Crown Team Elite, paid over a 30-month period.
1. The Lifestyle Bonus is a one-time bonus for each rank level. Distributors can only qualify for each rank level bonus once.
2. Bonuses will be paid as part of the monthly commission cycle, beginning the month after a Distributor qualifies for the bonus.
3. Bonus payments are based solely on pay rank for the qualifying month, until the Distributor fully qualifies for the next pay rank level bonus. For example, if a Distributor achieves Sapphire, and the following month achieves the rank of Blue Diamond, the Sapphire bonus payment will be paid, because the Distributor must reach Blue Diamond for two (2) consecutive months to qualify for the Blue Diamond bonus.
4. In order to receive bonus payments, a Distributor must maintain the pay rank level or higher over the payout period. If a Distributor does not achieve the pay rank level or above, bonus payments will cease and will not be resumed for that bonus, even if a Distributor once again achieves the pay rank.*
*Grace period: If a Distributor has maintained a pay rank level for four (4) consecutive months, then a one-month grace period is offered during the bonus payout period for each rank bonus level.
5. In order to collect the entire amount of the bonus, a Distributor must qualify for that pay rank each month of the payout period. For example, to receive the entire $50,000 of the Blue Diamond bonus, a Distributor must maintain the rank of Blue Diamond for the entire 18 months.
6. Bonus payouts are not cumulative. For example, if a Distributor has been receiving the payments for the Sapphire bonus, and then midway through the 12-month payout period qualifies for and begins receiving the Blue Diamond bonus amount, the Distributor will no longer receive the Sapphire bonus. (Also see Rule 7.)
7. Each bonus payout period is ongoing, regardless of changes in rank Sapphire and above. For example, if a Distributor receives the first payment of the Sapphire bonus in January, the 12-month period will go through December. If that Distributor receives the Sapphire bonus for six (6) months, then receives the Blue Diamond bonus for two (2) months before dropping below Blue Diamond, then the Distributor will be paid for the remaining four (4) months of the 12-month period for Sapphire (6 months at Sapphire + 2 months at Blue Diamond + 4 months at Sapphire = 12 months total.)
The Lifestyle Bonus term begins on July 1, 2014 and is terminable at will at the exclusive discretion of Syntek Global. The terms and conditions outlined in the Terms & Conditions document will be in effect for the duration of the program term and will govern the program. Syntek Global reserves the right to deny admission to any new qualifiers to the Lifestyle Bonus program.