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Xtreme Stop Precision Cross-Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor and Ceramic Pad Kit; Front and Rear (11-14 GT) Review & Install – Xtreme Stop Precision Cross-Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor and Ceramic Pad Kit; Front and Rear Video  

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Xtreme Stop’s Precision Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotor Kit featuring the ceramic brake pads are a good option for owners out there looking to replace or upgrade their factory brakes to a setup. It’s gonna produce minimal dust, give you a bump in stop and performance on the street and track, and look great behind any wheel. Upgraded brake kits are a great modification to your car even if it’s just a daily driver, but they do have a tendency to be on the costly side, and something I like about this kit is that it’s very budget friendly. I’ll say it right now, it’s only gonna cost around 380 bucks, which is a pretty damn good price for drilled slotted rotors, as well as coming with ceramic brake pads. Now, we’ll go over what you’re looking at in terms of the installation a little bit later, but this is gonna be going for any easy one out of three wrenches in the difficulty meter here, but expect to be wrenching for a couple hours. As far as braking performance goes, guys, bigger is always better, as having bigger rotors means more surface area for your pads to bite into, which will stop your car faster than what your stock equipment can manage. Now, the other half of the equation here are gonna be the upgraded pads, which includes better pad material to further improve that braking. Additionally, having that larger surface area on a bigger rotor means better heat dispersal, which is something that you’ll want from a brake kit because it will cut down on the brake fade and it will reduce the risk of warping your rotors. It’s also gonna ensure predictable performance with more consistent temperatures. Now, we’re gonna see these rotors feature a vented design on the sides right here, and that essentially helps their overall performance because they allow gases that are built up when braking to escape. Now this, in turn, improves cooling and then again, your braking performance. But furthermore, these 13.2 front rotors and the 11.8-inch rear rotors are CNC machined from cast iron, which is a great heat conductor, and they are then completed in a bright zinc electroplated finish, which is then gonna help protect them from rust, but they also are just gonna look great behind your wheels. Now, looking at the Xtreme pads, these are made right here in the U.S. out of a carbon ceramic compound with a positive mold process. Now, that all means that you’re gonna be getting 15% more stopping power compared to your stock organic pads. But why ceramic pads and not semi-metallic or full-on metallic pads? Well, for starters, guys, ceramic pads last the longest of any brake pad. The metallic pads wear down quickly, and they tend to eat your rotors up quickly too. Organic pads are also pretty soft, and they don’t last that long, but ceramic pads are a great middle-of-the-road choice for the daily driver who wants to hit the track occasionally or just enjoy their Mustang the way it was meant to be driven. And these pads wear slowly because they don’t absorb heat and they generate less brake dust. But on the flip side here, that means you need better rotors to handle that heat performance, and this is why Xtreme’s kit is so nice. Now, these upgraded vented and slotted rotors dramatically improve heat decapitation as well. Now, what this means, guys, is that these pads and rotors are gonna work in harmony to provide some of the best braking performance possible, with the longest lifespan possible but at a budget. And speaking of budget, I’ve already said it before, but expect to be spending just 380 bucks for this full kit, making it the most affordable option on the website at the time of shooting this video. Compared to heading down to your local dealer to get replacement rotors and pads, this is really a no-brainer considering that Ford’s factory rotors alone cost more than this entire kit. And moving into the install. It’s not that time-consuming, but it is a brake job, and you are gonna be looking at an easy but an involved one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter here, about a two-hour job. Now, at a glance, guys, you are going to need to get your car off the ground, and then pull your wheels and tires, and then disassemble your factory system, which will include the calipers and rotors. Now, I know it’s much easier said than done, but they are going to install in the same way your factory ones uninstall. But once they’re swapped over, it’s real important to pay very close attention to Xtreme Stop’s braking procedure. That’s to ensure that you’re gonna be getting the best lifespan as well as performance possible. So, that will wrap up my quick review and breakdown of Xtreme Stop’s Precision Drilled & Slotted Rotors featuring the ceramic brake pads, fitting the front and rear of your 2011 through 2014 Mustang GT, that can be found right here at

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  • Superior Braking Performance with No Fade
  • 15% More Stopping Power – Compared to Stock
  • Ideal for Street, Strip, and Occasional Track Use
  • One-Piece Drilled and Slotted, Vented Rotors
  • Premium Cast Iron Construction with Bright Zinc Electroplating
  • Carbon Ceramic Compound Brake Pads
  • Low Dust and Quiet Braking
  • Direct Fit Replacement Upgrade
  • Full Front and Rear Kit
  • (2) 13.22″ Front Rotors, (2) 11.8″ Rear Rotors, Front and Rear Brake Pads Included
  • Fits 2011 to 2014 GT Mustangs, Excluding Brembo Equipped Models


Enhanced Braking Power.Replace your 2011-2014 GT Mustang’s factory brake components with the Xtreme Stop Precision Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotor Kit that includes Ceramic Brake Pads. The installation improves your braking performance and power by keeping the brake pad surface clean while dissipating heated gasses. You’ll notice an instant gain in grip every time you brake.

Superior Rotor Construction. XtremeStop CNC machines their one-piece Brake Rotors from premium cast iron with drilled holes and milled slots to maintain a perfect balance. XtremeStop’s precision hole and slot design provides a reduction in operation temperatures up to 200 degrees when compared to standard OE rotors. XtremeStop then completes their Precision Rotors in a bright zinc electroplating treatment to provide good looks and protection against rust.

Cross-Drilled and Slotted. Xtreme Stop’s Precision Rotors feature a cross-drilled and slotted design that reduces heat and brake fade by allowing brake dust, water and gasses to escape through the vented holes. The slotted design will keep the surface of your brake pads cleaner, which will give you an improvement in braking performance while providing maximum grip and quiet stopping power.

Cooling Vane Design. Unlike other brake rotors that are a solid design, XtremeStop’s Precision Rotors feature a vented vane design with an internal chamber structure. These vanes allow the hot gasses to escape easier to further enhance the cooling performance of your brakes. Quicker heat dissipation in turn increases your Mustang’s braking performance.

Carbon Ceramic Compound. The included XtremeStop Brake Pads are engineered and manufactured in North America. These Brake Pads are made from a carbon ceramic compound using a positive mold manufacturing process for consistent quality. Using 10 times less resin content than low cost and OEM pads, XtremeStop Pads are post cured (heat treated) to ensure superior density for better braking performance and longer pad life. XtremeStop’s Ceramic Brake Pads will last up to 35,000 miles under normal driving conditions.

Minimal Dust and Noise. Seeing that the included XtremeStop Brake Pads feature a slotted design similar to OE pads and a unique rotor friendly carbon ceramic compound they will produce significantly less dust than the original factory pads. Quieter than stock, XtremeStop Brake Pads utilize rubber coated shims to help minimize braking noise for almost silent operation.

Direct Fit Replacement Upgrade. Xtreme Stop designed their Precision Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotor and Ceramic Brake Pad Combo Kit to be a direct fit replacement upgrade for your Mustang’s stock rotors and pads. Installation can normally be completed in under three hours with just basic hand tools using the existing calipers and hardware.

Complete Front and Rear Kit. This Xtreme Stop Precision Rotor and Ceramic Brake Pad Kit comes complete and includes (2) 13.22″ Front Rotors, (2) 11.8″ Rear Rotors, as well as a set of Front and Rear Brake Pads. The Kit also includes all the required hardware needed for installation on your Mustangs original factory calipers.

Application. This Xtreme Stop Precision Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotor Kit with Ceramic Brake Pads fits 2011 to 2014 GT Mustangs equipped with standard brakes. It will not fit on Mustangs equipped with Brembo or Big Brake Packages.

Fitment: 2011 2012 2013 2014 Details

Xtreme Stop 394023

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


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4.1 out of 5 overall rating from 18 customers

Installation Cost: $100-$250

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  • Better stopping power and great looks.

    All the parts fit perfectly, easy installation and no squeaks. On the rear pistons they have to be turned clockwise to depress. I used a pair of heavy duty needle nosed pliers.

    Helpful (2)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power


    Helpful (2)Thanks for your input!

  • Good looks; better than stock performance

    Installed on my 2013 GT. Quality of product is very good. I chose this over the Z3 kit because of issues with the clips breaking off. I installed in 1/2 a day on all 4 wheels. It could have gone much quicker except for the RF. The facory design of the slider clips is the issue….wished that Xtreme stop would have corrected. The clips are beveled on the wrong side for the angle you have to work with getting into position with the caliper mount in place. All other brake manufacturers use the same design, so it’s not just these. After bedding in; there was a noticable improvement in braking. One word of advise; flush out your system with new fluid as you are doing your install. I was kind of aggressive during the bedding in process and boiled my DOT 3 fluid. That in turn put an air bubble in the ABS pump and caused both front brake calipers to be applied lightly. Lesson learned.

    Helpful (4)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power
  • Great stopping power

    This was the perfect start to improve the performance of my 2014 GT. Smooth and powerful braking is a must when enjoying the ride!

    Helpful (2)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power
  • Rusty rotors

    I purchased these because they got good reviews and looked great. They were on the car for less than 10 days and signs of rust have appeared. Not happy!

    Helpful (6)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power
  • Good brakes

    I love them! They were easy to install and has been a notable difference in my stopping power.

    Helpful (4)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power
  • Pretty Good brakes

    Good for regular driving and look good specially when you have nice sports rims on

    Helpful (5)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power
  • Great Value

    Very happy with these brakes!!! Great stopping power! They look way better than stock as well!

    Helpful (5)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power
  • Noisy

    Not to impressed with these. Worked great for about a week then started squeezing.

    Helpful (6)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power
  • wouldn’t reccomend

    install wasnt hard but many things didnt fit like the clips and after a week brakes started squeaking.

    Helpful (6)Thanks for your input!

    • Fit
    • Bang for your Buck
    • Stopping Power

Questions & Answers (9 answers)

5 Top Rated Questions

I have black wheels. What pads make the least dust?

  • Hello! This brake and pad kit is a pretty low dust option, although you will never get “no dust” this is a great option because this dust is significantly less than stock!

Helpful (1) Thanks for your input!
Which are better, carbon fiber or ceramic? Noise and wear are my concerns. Which cool the fastest when driving on mountain roads?

  • The carbon graphite pads will be better as they will last longer. As far as noise goes, both the carbon graphite and the ceramic will be quiet with the ceramic being a tad bit noisier as they are more for racing type of setups. Obviously the drilled and slotted rotors will cool better than ones that are either drilled or slotted but the pads will have similar cooling rates as well. If you are driving primarily on roads where the elevation changes, my preference would be the carbon graphite pads to go with the drilled and slotted rotors.

Helpful (1) Thanks for your input!
Are these zinc electroplated, rest resist rotors?

  • Yes, the Xtreme Stop Precision Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotor w/ Ceramic Brake Pad Kit comes with rotors that have zinc electroplating to help them resist rust.

Helpful (1) Thanks for your input!
Are these rotors the same size as the gt oem rotors

  • Hi, This brake kit uses the same size rotors as the factory 2011 to 2014 GT Mustangs without Brembo Front Calipers.

Helpful (1) Thanks for your input!
where are these made?

  • Xtreme Stop engineers and produces their brakes in Canada.

Helpful (1) Thanks for your input!

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4 More Questions

Does this come with the front and rear rotors as well as front and rear pads? 0 answer Which would be bettter for every day use graphite or ceramic? 1 answer What are the lightest rotors for: 2014 Mustang Gt (Front Brembo/rear regular)? 1 answer i am seeing a lot of reviews about squealing… is this common with these rotors? or is it the pads? 1 answer

Installation & What’s in the Box

Installation Info

Installation Time

(approx) 3 Hours

Difficulty Level:

Light to Moderate mechanical skill required.

Installation Guides

What’s in the Box

  • (2) Front Rotors
  • (2) Rear Rotors
  • (4) Front Brake Pads
  • (4) Rear Brake Pads

Tech Specs

Tech Guides:

Will It Fit My Mustang

  • GT – 11, 12, 13, 14

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