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Prolong would never advocate that any of our users operate vehicles without proper levels of conventional natural or synthetic oil. Prolong products use the oil as a medium to reach all the metal surfaces within the motor and our product instructions encourage conscientiously adherence to manufacturers’ maintenance guidelines. Although we fervently hope that our customers never find themselves suddenly driving without oil, we quite honestly have run many vehicles without oil after being treated with Prolong Engine Treatment as a means of dramatically demonstrating the protective properties of our product.

In Prolong’s first infomercial, Prolong World Challenge, dozens of automobiles, trucks and motorcycles were treated with Prolong Engine Treatment and then drained of engine oil, before running in the scorching temperatures at Willow Springs International Speedway in the California desert. Perhaps most memorable was Al Unser, who thought he would never make it half a lap, continuing to race the $60,000 red Viper around and around until he himself had to call it quits even though the car was still going strong. Sandra Bartley, 20-year test and race car driver, drove all through Los Angeles and then a circuitous mountain route to Santa Barbara with no oil — after personally inspecting the car herself to make sure the filter was removed as well as the plug and oil from the crankcase. She arrived with no problems.

In our second infomercial, Prolong Across America, company spokesperson Miss Prolong Marnie Capurro, drove from Long Beach, California to Daytona, FL with only Prolong Engine treatment for lubrication, delighting in the expressions of disbelief every time she drove in to a gas station and asked to have the oil checked. In our infomercial, Xtreme Machine Challenge, the same abused demo engine shown in the first infomercial, with cut oil lines and sand poured onto it, is resurrected for more oil-deprived torture… and again it fired right up.

The situations and results shown in all our shows are real. There were no camera tricks or gimmickry. Each of the vehicles first had Prolong Engine Treatment added to the motor oil, then allowed to circulate before the oil was drained. Our engine treatment formula adheres to the metal surfaces, so Prolong protection remained even when the oil was drained. We certainly do not want consumers to imitate the extreme example we have made to get your attention and prove the unique benefits of Prolong technology. We do know that Prolong Engine Treatment has saved equipment and money during oil and coolant loss for many consumers because they have thankfully let us know. Just take a look at our testimonials from everyday drivers, real people just like you.