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Home>Marketing & Sales>Xtreme Fuel Treatment XFT

Address: 19 Northmore StreetMitcheltonQLD4053

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Xtreme Fuel Treatment XFT
Category: Marketing & Sales

Key contact details for Xtreme Fuel Treatment XFTMobile 0467 280 312 Email Email business Address 19 Northmore Street, Mitchelton QLD, 4053

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    Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ contains an oil soluble organo-metallic compound which functions as a burn rate modifier and a catalyst to lower the ignition point of fuel in the combustion chamber by several hundred degrees. Simply stated, this means that the fuel burns longer and more efficiently, causing your engine to burn more of the available fuel it gets rather than less of it. What does this mean to you? Enabling a more complete burn process means you use less fuel because you are using the available fuel more efficiently. This means better gas mileage and money saved!A more complete burn process increases the available horsepower and torque, thereby improving your vehicle’s power. A better burn also results in less carbon buildup on engine parts and fewer emissions from the exhaust pipe. Less carbon buildup means less wear on the engine which can translate into fewer repairs and extended engine life.XFT™ HistoryXtreme Fuel Treatme

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