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best diesel injector cleanerDiesel engines are increasingly becoming popular among vehicle owners nowadays, simply because they are economical and have a lot of torque, among other reasons. A diesel vehicle can perform well for many miles until it gets distracted by soot and other deposits that build up in the fuel injection system.

By occasionally adding a fuel injector cleaner to your car’s fuel system, you can greatly increase both the performance and the health of the vehicle’s engine. The question now is, what is the best diesel injector cleaner for your vehicle? Read our guide and let us recommend the best options on the market right now.

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Why You Should Use Diesel Injector Cleaners

A car has numerous injectors, which spray fuel into the engine to create combustion. When those injectors get dirty, be it with dirt, dust, debris, or carbon build up, they’re incapable of doing their job properly. The engine will not get the proper amount of fuel, and it won’t function efficiently.

As a result, the performance of the vehicle will suffer. There won’t be a proper amount of power, and the car will be liable to stutter, hesitate, and struggle with acceleration. It may even experience issues with stalling and funny noises. In addition to that, the fuel efficiency will begin to suffer. The longer the contaminants are in the fuel system, the more damage they’ll cause, both to the system and the engine. This can result in costly repairs, as well as a lowered resale value.

As a result, it’s important to use fuel injector cleaners. They prevent these things from happening. And while many people think injector cleaners are only for gasoline engines, that isn’t actually true; they’re even more important for diesel engines.

Best Diesel Injector Cleaner – Our Top Picks

There are lots of fuel injector cleaners available on the market, so you can choose the one you like. On the other side, some are better than the others. Today, we’re going to talk about five options which really hit the target with consumers. Each one is affordable and comes from a trusted manufacturer.

1. Stanadyne Performance

This is the best diesel injector cleaner on our list, simply because it has been made by the same company that makes the fuel injectors. This product is well known for increasing engine performance, both in terms of specifications, and in terms of feel. It does a good job adding horsepower and maximizing fuel efficiency, but it’s even more noticeable for the reduced stuttering and dampened engine noises. It also dramatically reduces corrosion, and adds a good amount of lubrication to the engine.


• Offers one tank feature, so the system can be cleaned with just one use of the cleaner.
• Improves the lubrication of the fuel system, so it will last longer.
• Should be used 5-6 times per year, for the best performances.
• One bottle is enough for 25 gallons of diesel fuel.


• Made by the same company that makes fuel injectors.
• Improves fuel consumption, power and performance.
• Extends the life of an engine.
• Reduces the noise and eliminate black smoke.
• Only one bottle is enough.


• Should be used for LLY.
• On some cars it cannot restore horsepower for some respectable amount.

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2. Power Service Diesel Kleen

diesel kleen
This is a great diesel injector cleaner that offers numerous benefits. This product is effective at cleaning clogged injectors, and also other internal engine components and it effectively removes deposits and gunk build up inside the engine. It even prevents more build up from accumulating after cleaning so that frequent use of this product is lessened.


• Effective on all engines, even on the latest ones with high pressure fuel systems.
• Enables faster cold starts and reduces the noise of the engine.
• The fuel consumption will be reduced. Your car will be 8% more efficient.
• Ultimate lubrication is perfect for protecting the components of the engine.
• Can be used for all types of fuel, even for a biodiesel.
• Protects the fuel system and extends the life.
• Eliminates the black smoke for the exhaust system and improves combustion.


• Rare injector cleaner that can be used for biodiesel.
• Makes an engine more economical than similar cleaners.
• Eliminates the black smoke.
• Protects the fuel system.


• Isn’t very effective on truck engines.
• Less efficient with latest cars.

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3. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme

Hot Shot's
This is another good diesel injector cleaner that offers great features and benefits. It should be used as a preventive as well. This product does wonders for most diesel engines. It does a terrific job of adding lubrication to the engine, which makes it an especially important product for people who go on long trips, as the added lubrication helps keep engine temperature down.


• This is one of rare cleaners that removes water from the fuel. It is more than needed in countries where this problem is a well-known issue.
• Protects the whole fuel system and makes it immune to the corrosion and deposits.
• Clean fuel pump and other components, beside fuel injectors.
• It will boost cetane and stabilize the fuel.
• All components of the fuel system are going to be lubricated, so they will last longer.
• One of the best diesel injector cleaners on the market.


• Treats 150 gallons of fuel.
• The horsepower will be increased.
• Reduces the fuel consumption.
• Protects the elements of the fuel system.
• It should be used once in every 6 months.


• Low effect on cars that use high-quality fuels.
• Less preventive than similar products.

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4. Royal Purple Max-Tane

If you are looking for a cleaner that can restore the condition of the whole fuel system and reduces the fuel consumption, this is a great choice. It does a very nice job of dissolving and removing deposits and build ups in the fuel injectors, valves, and filters, as well as the combustion chambers. What it does best, however, is add lubricity to the engine, while also improving the quality of the fuel in the car, to help with cold starts, or stale diesel fuel.


• Makes cold start up faster and it is effective for high and low temperatures.
• It cleans the whole fuel system, pistons, valves and combustion chambers.
• The fuel consumption is going to be reduced for 10%.
• Eliminates the odor and black smoke for the exhaust system.
• Protects the fuel system, so the engine will run properly for a longer period of time.
• Can be used for all types of diesel fuels, even for biodiesel and ULSD.
• Can be used with old and brand new cars and in both cases, this cleaner will be effective.


• Can be used for diesel and biodiesel fuels.
• Protects the fuel system.
• Cleans the engine, beside the fuel system.
• Low price.
• Improves the lubrication of the fuel system.


• Less efficient for areas where the temperatures are high.
• Isn’t a well-known diesel injector cleaner.

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5. Lucas Fuel Treatment

Our fifth choice on our list of the best diesel injector cleaners. This is a strong all-around product. It’s not made specifically for diesel engines, so it can be used for a diesel vehicle, or a car with a standard gasoline engine. And it comes in large doses, for a very affordable price, so you can store it in your garage, and use it to treat the fuel systems of all your vehicles, over and over.


• Increases the power of an engine.
• Reduces the fuel consumption.
• The fuel system and valves, pistons and combustion chambers are going to be well-protected.
• Fuel pumps and injectors can last longer.
• Can be used for older cars, that doesn’t have modern fuel injectors.
• Eliminates the low sulfur issues.


• One bottle is enough for 400 gallons of fuel.
• Very effective in eliminating engine sound and smoke on the exhaust system.
• Protects the engine and fuel system components.
• Improves the fuel economy. Especially good for cars with big engines.


• Less effective than aforementioned diesel injector cleaners.

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Best Diesel Injector Cleaner – Our Ratings

Stanadyne 5.0 / 5
Diesel Kleen 4.5 / 5
Diesel Extreme 4.5 / 5
Max-Tane 4.0 / 5
Lucas Fuel 4.0 / 5