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JackV301 at Citysearch

Started an account just to write a

Started an account just to write a review. These guys are dirtbags. Seemed really friendly and great at first but the experience speaks for itself. I took my wife’s 2007 Camry to get tinted and when it was finished there were uneven lines and bubbles everywhere, I was told to wait it out a couple of days. I returned about two weeks later as there were still multiple bubbles and TONS of lint. The owner’s response? “”It’s impossible to have a lint free tint job and the bubbles can be pushed out with an edger””. He took the time to demonstrate how to push out the bubbles and stated that I could do it myself if i took the time. I understand the part about a lint free job but SERIOUSLY there shouldn’t be that much that one should notice it.tntnThese guys took about two hours and they don’t turn on the A/C in their waiting room so don’t plan on waiting. It’s sad that they boast their years of experience and yet we received such terrible treatment and an terrible end result. 1 star. Wouldn’t even recommend my worst enemies to them. The guys attitude when I came back was unbelievable. Didn’t remember me and asked for a receipt. Guess what pal?! YOU DON’T GIVE RECEIPTS BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR CASH ONLY!!

By JackV301 at Citysearch June 02, 2012 at 11:06 AMKleber C. at Judy'sBook

As good as it’s name

Xtreme window tinting have installed custom tint on both of my cars. They are able to do all kinds of tint, from regular to super dark. They do a really good job, and both of my cars came out looking great with no bubbles. Several years lat…

By Kleber C. at Judy’sBook November 20, 2005 at 07:26 PM