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Valv-Tech Advanced Formula XP+ Gasoline Treatment 4 oz.

Advanced formula XP+ Extended Protection Gasoline Treatment New from Valv-Tect

Due to potential engine problems caused by ethanol gasoline, boaters are using fuel additives at a record level.
Unfortunately, many of these additives are ineffective and their claims unsupported by engine manufacturer and petroleum industry tests.

Verified by engine manufacturer and ASTM tests, the new XP+ Gasoline Treatment is proven to stabilize gasoline, prevent corrosion, control moisture to help prevent phase separation, reduce octane loss and clean-up carbon deposits.

Ethanol gasoline destabilizes quickly and can prevent starting, cause stalling and plug fuel filters.

ValvTect XP+ Gasoline Treatment is test proven to stabilize fuel for up to one year.

As established under ASTM test procedures, it improved fuel stability 130% better than enzyme fuel treatments.
In the ASTM Water Interface test, ValvTect’s additive was 50% more effective than enzyme-based additives, thereby better reducing the chance of phase separation.
Additionally, ValvTect was substantially more effective at preventing rust and corrosion.

Documented in Chrysler and BMW engine tests, ValvTect XP+ Gasoline Treatment helps prevent and clean-up power-robbing carbon deposits from fuel injectors and intake valves.

This results in improved fuel economy, better performance, reduced exhaust emissions and longer engine life

Replaces Valvtect VEGA08 series

Size: 4 oz.
Treats: Up to 40 gals.
Sold: Each, Case: 24.

SKU: XPGT04, 266-XPGT04.

Valv-Tech Advanced Formula XP+ Gasoline Treatment 4 oz.

Model: 266-XPGT04

Manufactured by: Valvtect