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Posted on September 2, 2011 by tintmyride

Xtreme Fuel Treatment or XFT

It’s a comprehensive small-dosage fuel treatment, and it was just recently made available to the general public by Syntek Global. This is a big deal! Now individuals and small businesses are seeing the same benefits that large mining, trucking, and other industrial companies are enjoying.

You may have heard that products like this are a myth…

You may have heard that fuel additives don’t work, or that they will void an engine’s warranty (FYI: An act of congress says it won’t affect your warranty). It’s true, many products don’t do what they claim and many are ineffective. But let me set your mind at ease about XFT. Years of research, data, and practical use has proven XFT to be highly effective. After all, there is a reason that these large companies won’t go without it.Why would they continue using it year after year if it didn’t work! The benefits are unmistakable and quantifiable, and we have example after example of it’s effectiveness.

We know you have heard it before, but this is different.

XFT is a time-tested and patented fuel treatment registered under the EPA to increase fuel efficiency, prolong engine life, enhance horsepower & performance, and reduce emissions. XFT was mainly distributed in the industrial markets as a solution to extend the operating hours between service repairs and to help treat rocket fuels. In 2008, Syntek Global released XFT to the public making it a viable solution for any size operation. Multiple mass-carbon balance tests, independent lab tests, fuel consumption tests, and case studies on various engines have been performed to prove the effectiveness of XFT.

Buy Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Below is an estimated cost saving analysis that illustrates how effective XFT can be for your company.

Estimated Values:
Monthly Fuel Consumption: 200,000 Gal / 757,000 L
Monthly Fuel Costs (USD $2.54/gal, $.67/L): $508,000.00
Improvement in Fuel Efficiency: 11%
Monthly Gross Fuel Savings: $55,977.00 USD
Estimated Gross Annual Savings Based On 2,400,000 Gal (9,085,000 L) Diesel Fuel consumed: $670,560 USD*

*All numbers are estimates based upon the averages attained through multiple Mass Carbon Balance tests and should not be considered absolute values.

Fuel savings is only one way XFT saves your company money. What it does for your engines is just as effective!

How Xtreme Fuel Treatment Works

(Click below to watch the video)

Testimonials and Test Results


Savings Calculator




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