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The tests and results on this product have been unbelievable, saving the average person $10 – $20 every fillup.

We’ve tried it in a Mercedes Benz S500, 8-cyl. It only gets 13.1 miles per gallon without using fuel treatment. But after the first treatment with XFT, the miles per gallon increased to 15.95 MPG (miles per gallon). It even got better after the second treatment with 17.75 miles per gallon. And it keeps increasing the more you use the product, because after the third treatment it went even higher to 18 MPG.

We’ve also tried it in a Hummer H3, 5-cyl. It only gets 13.35 MPG without using XFT and with heavy loads. But when we put XFT on it, even if it has heavy loads, the miles per gallon increased to 18.25 MPG. The MPG is even better when it has no loads and when XFT is added to its fuel, reaching up to 23.05 MPG.

There are factors to consider though when you get different types of result in fuel savings. In summer season using summer fuels, you will possibly get the highest fuel savings. But what about in winter season when winter fuels are used? Does winter fuels and winter season affects the fuel savings with Xtreme Fuel Treatment?

This is a reminder that with winter coming, things will change when it comes to fuels. The refineries in the middle or end of October will switch to the winter blend formulas. This happens with all types of fuel. With the change, it costs less for the refineries to make the fuel so you will usually see a decrease in the cost of fuels. With these formulas you also will get less efficiency. This means that you will get less gas mileage than you do with summer blend fuels. If you are going to start base line tests, make sure you are testing apples to apples. Don’t do baseline with summer blends fuels and then do treated tests with the winter blend fuels, there is a difference. There can be anywhere from 5 to 15% decrease in fuel savings when you use winter blend fuels. The refineries will also adjust the formulation during the colder times of the winter, lowering again the efficiency of the fuels. If you live in a cold weather area please be aware of these changes because they can effect your results.

It is also good to know that the ethanol fuels get as much as 15% decrease in fuel savings over fuels that do not have ethanol in them. In some states they have also gone from E10 to E15 and in some to E20. Each time they change the rating of the fuels there is decrease in fuel savings. Normally service stations will not even post when they change form E10 to a E15 mix, so ask questions if you use ethanol fuels. When doing testing it is good to make sure you understand where you are at with fuels, and try to test with the same conditions. Idle times in winter months also will decrease fuel savings so make sure you are aware of the amount of idle time. We hope this will help you for the upcoming winter months.


FreezPoint Winterizing Agent For Diesel Engines

Don’t get stuck in the cold! FreezPoint is a state-of-the- art winterizing agent for diesel engines. Help your fuel flow better by lowering the freeze point of your diesel fuel.

IF YOU OWN A DIESEL TRUCK, THEN YOU KNOW HOW POTENTIALLY DEBILITATING COLD WEATHER can be for you. Diesel fuel tends to turn into a gel when the temperature drops. This can make it almost impossible to start your engine and can make it run sluggishly.

FreezPoint is a state-of-the-art cold flow improver, that when added to your fuel, allows it to flow more freely at those low winter temperatures.

1-1/2 to 2-1/2 ounces is all you need to treat up to 20 gallons of diesel fuel. That means you can treat over 125 gallons of fuel from one 16 ounce bottle, for much cheaper than many other, less effective brands.

It dissolves easily in your fuel even when its already cold.

It’s proven effective in petroleum diesel as well as biodiesel.

It’s ultra low sulfur compliant and it works great in conjunction with Xtreme Fuel Treatment.

Don’t ever get stuck in the cold. Let FreezPoint get you started.

Learn More: Watch This Video!

FreezPoint (1) 16 oz (473 mL) Bottle = $9.75
Freeze Point – 1 Gallon (3800 mL) = $75.00

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