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Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT), which claims to be the first true fuel enhancer, comes with four (4) promised benefits:Increased fuel economy or fuel burn efficiency: In other words, it increases the mileage covered by a given quantity or liters of fuel, be it diesel or petrol (gas). Users have recorded burn efficiency increase ranging from modest 10% to a whooping 45%. Increased engine performance: Expressed in another way, it increases the horsepower, torque or the force with which an engine works.Increased life span of an engine: By constantly lubricating and cleansing the injectors and the rest of the fuel system, by preventing corrosion / rust, by retarding slug formation, xft ensures that the fuel system of an engine is in the best working condition which no doubt improves engine life span.Lower carbon and other harmful gas emission by between 30% – 35%: Because each fuel particle pumped into the combustion chamber burns more completely, gas emissions are reduced. With very low confidence in the quality of fuel that we buy in Nigeria and concerns about the impact of our tropical whether conditions (which is different from the temperate regions where XFT has worked well, there is fear that this fuel additive may not produce results similar to those in the temperate regions. Well, real life experiences prove otherwise. Among the corporate companies in Nigeria who have tested and are now enjoying the benefits of XFT are the following: – MTN – Chisco Transport (the first African company to order in drums due to the huge positive impact of the fuel additive on injectors) – VITA Construction at Eric Moore, Surulere (enjoying 42% consumption reduction) – Zafik Royal Hotel, Benin City (excited with current savings of 22.2%) while a good many are conducting their confirmatory testing / proof of concept. We can safely claim that the impact of Xtreme Fuel Treatment is seen more on the African soil than any other as the following testimonials show. The positive experiences below are those of real individual Nigerian users of XFT. In order to strengthen the credulity of the testimonials published below, the gsm lines of the individuals have been included to enable you call and personally reconfirm the veracity of the claims if you so wish: