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Tuners & ProgrammersWith modern, computer-controlled diesel engines, it’s easier than ever to unleash instant performance potential. One of the simplest ways to increase your horsepower and torque numbers is with a plug-in diesel tuner from Sinister Diesel. Our tuners can be installed in just minutes with the most basic tools to get you the best performance gains for your dollar.

Diesel tuners, including chips, modules, and programmers, all work by modifying the stock engine parameters like injector pulse width, boost pressure, and fuel rail pressure, raising the performance of your truck well beyond its factory tune. This means more power from lower RPM’s, less downshifting, more complete combustion and better fuel economy. Not only will your Powerstroke, Duramax, or Cummins diesel be stronger, but also be more efficient, saving you money on the road ahead.

We carry programmers and modules from the top names in diesel performance tuning, plus our own custom tunes and performance packages. Browse our options below and get started unlocking the hidden potential in the heart of your diesel truck.

Tuners & Programmers - Tuners & Programmers

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